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After a childhood spent between Africa and England, and a degree in Eastern European Studies at London University, followed by a year in Poland, I moved to Germany and began my career as a photojournalist. I have since acquired graphic design skills to complement the photography, and have regularly written and edited journalistic and documentary texts. In 2003 I returned to Africa for nearly five years living in Uganda, where I specialised as a communications consultant working for development organisations.

Currently in Germany again, I continue to focus on development issues by working as a translator and researcher for German organisations such as GTZ. I have also updated my skills with a course in web design, including modern layout techniques, online content management and interactive web applications.

My assignments often involve communicating complex technical information understandably to a wider audience - something I believe I do quite well. I have worked for large multinational organisations, bilateral agencies and NGOs, and have documented a wide range of activities, such as health and HIV/AIDS projects, the resettlement of refugees and internally displaced persons, water and sanitation programmes, rural development and agricultural finance, employment and vocational training, youth promotion, conservation of natural resources and the promotion of renewable energy.

If you would like to know more about me and my work, please get in touch. I would be happy to send a full CV and more detailed information about assignments I have completed. The samples of my work contained in this website arose during my recent time in Uganda. However, I travel well and am willing to take on assignments anywhere between the North and South Poles.


Clients (a selection)

GTZ (German technical cooperation)
DED (German Development Service)
KfW Entwicklungsbank (development bank)
HORIZONT3000 (Austrian organisation for development cooperation)
Johns Hopkins University Partnership for Health
Save the Children UK
PSI Population Services International